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Jorge Chimba Sumbavela

Jorge Chimba SumbavelaHistoria 1 B Web

Theme:  Travel Story

My name is Jorge Chimba Sumbavela , a student in Team 2018. We started our studies at the school in February 2018 and since 1 June we are on our 11-week study trip. I am in Group 3 on Bus 1, and at the moment we are in the municipality of Ukuma, Huambo.

The first week of the trip we stayed in the Belém district on the outskirts of Huambo City, while the bus was being fixed. When we arrived in Ukuma, our group decided to investigate "How to combat the most common diseases?" We got together in the group and after several proposals, we decided on this issue because we think it important to know more about how people can protect themselves from and treat the most common diseases.So far we have visited the Municipal Department of Health of Ukuma and the Municipal Hospital. During the two visits we were very well received. We learned about malaria, which has been prevalent this year and people have even died from it. We also talked to many people in the districts around the municipal capital as well as some villages around the capital. We have the impression that most people in town know about malaria, but in the villages, many people do not have enough knowledge. In town and in villages most people do not use mosquito nets to protect themselves. We always informed everyone how malaria is caught and the importance of protecting themselves against mosquitoes.One day we undertook an action in a neighborhood of Ukuma to collect trash and dig waste pits, with the participation of many people from the district, and we explained to the people how garbage contributes to create the conditions that give rise to diseases. Even at our school, as part of our travel preparation, we learned about malaria and all students were obliged to look for and use mosquito nets.Another illness the staff at the hospital told us about was HIV/AIDS. We are going to investigate this better, as well as other diseases.
I am part of the group of students whose area of responsibility is to organize sport, and we always go for a run or play ball, and all the teachers and students participate as well. We always start the day at 6 o'clock, even though it is now cold.

I really like to travel. At school, in the period of preparation, we were always sitting and discussing things. Since we left the school and began travelling, we are always busy with one action or another. We begin early in the morning, because there is much to do, and there is no time for rest.

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