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The Polytechnic School Huambo


The Polytechnic School Huambo arose from Huambo Children’s Town, founded in 1991 as a boarding school for orphans and vulnerable children, and subsequently converted into a day school for students when the civil war ended in 2002. Since 2011, the Children’s School has been divided into two sections: a primary and  secondary  school  with  pupils  from  2nd to  9th grade, and an Polytechnic School for 7th, 8th and 9th grade. The latter is an all-day school, teaching academic subjects and practical skills, and utilizing new and modern methods. The Polytechnic course lasts three years and is open to students who have concluded 6th grade. To-date, 234 students have graduated from The Polytechnic School Huambo, 85 of whom are female.

Activities and Results
2018 began with a graduation ceremony for the students who successfully completed 9th Grade in 2017. At the start of the new term, there were 107 students in grades 7, 8 and 9, 30 of them being new students in 7th Grade about to embark on the Polytechnic program. They spent the first few weeks becoming acquainted with the school, the way of studying in trios, and the system of studies, courses and experiences. 8th Grade students following the Environment Promoter and the Information and Media Assistant courses deepened their knowledge of their chosen professions, while 9th Graders went a step further and gained work experience, mainly at the school. The number of students rose to 125 in the second quarter, with the arrival of students from Okutiuka Reception Center, sponsored by Unitel. Curriculum studies and courses continued for all students, who also participated in community actions and activities, and helped organize events at the school itself.

The obvious effect of the project is on the education of young people, who leave the school with their 9th Grade certificate and a wealth of practical experience, both related to the specific course chosen as well as of a more general nature. The students become
resourceful, confident and capable citizens. Partnerships with public and private institutions reinforce the impact of the program. For example, the partnership with the Media Ministry has helped establish community radio at the school, and a partnership with the Agronomy Institute has led to work experience places for the Environment Promoter students. A partnership with Santo António College has improved media practice. Transport to and from the school has been secured through the school mobility program and the Provincial Education Office supplied 140 calligraphy manuals.

Students from EPP Huambo

Students from EPP Huambo

Girls from EPP Huambo

Girls from EPP Huambo


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