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The Polytechnic School Ramiro


The Polytechnic School Ramiro was established in March 2013, to satisfy the need for combined academic and vocational training at the lower secondary school level in Ramiro. The three-year courses on offer prepare young people to continue their studies or enter the jobs market, by equipping them with academic, practical and social skills. The school is a result of a partnership with the Angolan oil company ACREP, the Ministry of Education at national and provincial levels and ADPP. With the graduation in February 2018 of the third team to complete the three-year program, the number of graduates to- date is 218.

Activities and Results
The Polytechnic School Ramiro is one of three ADPP polytechnic schools in Luanda. The academic year 2018 is seeing the school continue to grow in terms of number of students, in its academic program, and in extracurricular activities. 8th Grade is particularly numerous, with more than 100 students divided between the professions Water Assistant, Food Producer and Energy Assistant. 7th Grade has room for more students than are currently enrolled, but the economic situation remains unfavorable for many parents in the catchment area. 9th Grade has also slightly fewer students than anticipated, but in this case it is because a number are repeating a year. The impact on local communities around the school is being felt more than ever, as neighborhood committees are aware of the services provided by the students, whether tree planting, helping with electrical or water problems, cleaning campaigns, campaigns about common diseases, or invitations to open days and sporting activities.

The Polytechnic School Ramiro provides a sound academic education while equipping its students with practical skills and encouraging their personal development. One of the areas where the impact is particularly noted is the relationship between the school and the neighboring community. People living around the school know they can call upon assistance in a variety of matters, as in the case of Cateba neighborhood committee that requested 300 trees for planting. Electrical repairs are a common request and provide the students with valuable practical experience. The school year started on 1 February, with 68 students from various parts of Ramiro including the town itself and the districts of KM30 and Slave Museum, for example. In the first period, Swimming like a Fish, the students lost no time setting up camp and beginning practical actions such as establishing a vegetable garden to produce food for the school kitchen. They subsequently got a taste of the profession of Health Agent, by learning about and then making posters to combat malaria, before trying their hand as Media Assistants by learning how to take good photographs and edit texts. The students worked in trios to resolve study tasks, attended courses about human biology, and conducted investigations in the neighborhood about common diseases. The period of Questions and Answers saw the students work with such themes as the history of Angola, countries of the world, and the reasons behind poverty and riches, including ideas about how to fight inequality for a fairer world for the poor. They also learned how an engine works, both in a car and for other uses. At the end of each period, the students worked hard to reach the requisite 100 points awarded for study tasks completed, courses attended and practical work accomplished. For example, they had to explain how to build wood saving stove. Exams went well, including an People’s Exam at which a number of parents were present to hear their children acquit themselves orally.

Students at EPP Ramiro

Students at EPP Ramiro

Students doing investigation in local village

Students doing investigation in local village


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