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The Polytechnic School Benguela


The Polytechnic School Benguela is located in the Cavaco Valley, Benguela, and has been offering the The Polytechnic program since 2011. Between 1994 to 2011, a variety of vocational courses were taught. The school enrolls young people from the local area, who are between 12 and 20 years of age. The Polytechnic School Benguela was one of five pioneer schools to initiate the new The Polytechnic program, which has now become the main activity at the school. 50 students completed 9th Grade in 2017, and graduated in January 2018, bringing the total number of students graduating from The Polytechnic School Benguela to 369.

Activities and Results
The Polytechnic School Benguela got off to an excellent start with the enrollment of 112 new students in 7th Grade, 45 of whom are female. The catchment area was extended thus attracting more candidates. The school continues offering the courses of Environment Promoter, Water Assistant and Food Producer. During the first semester of 2018, 7th Grade learned how to Swim like a Fish as they navigated the new waters of a polytechnic education, with all its demands, innovative teaching methods, highlights and community actions. 8th Grade began to assume part of the responsibility of running the school as they deepened their knowledge of their chosen course. The highlight for 9th Grade was work experience, where they took their ever-increasing skills to be honed in work places and at the school itself.

The Polytechnic School Benguela has an important impact on the students themselves and on the wider community. The students learn responsibility, leadership, entrepreneurship, decision-making and teamwork, while completing their lower secondary education and gaining practical skills. The community benefits from awareness campaigns about disease prevention, hygiene and basic sanitation. Cleaning actions contribute directly to improvements in the local environment, as does tree planting at primary schools and in the community. Cultural events promote an interest in a variety of themes, as well as in theater, poetry and music.

Learning to make booklets

Learning to make booklets

Not all learning happens in the classroom

Not all learning happens in the classroom

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