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The Polytechnic School Kwanza Norte


The Polytechnic School Kwanza Norte forms part of an Educational Center in Kwanza Norte province, established in a partnership between the Ministry of Education, the Embassy of Korea /Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), the Provincial Government of Kwanza Norte and ADPP. The Educational Center in Kwanza Norte was officially inaugurated by the Minister of Education, the Korean Ambassador and the governor of Kwanza Norte in November 2011, and The Polytechnic School Kwanza Norte began operating in February 2012.

Activities and Results
On 19th January 2018, 27 students of which 8 are female graduated at a ceremony held in the school courtyard. The Director of the Provincial Education Department, Sra Maria Manuela de Carvalho, representing the Provincial Governor, was present, as were Aires Vaz Guilherme, Deputy Administrator, on behalf of the Municipal Administrator, the advisor to the Provincial Governor's office, the Provincial Information Director, the Provincial Director of Industry, the Municipal Hospital Administrator, headmasters from primary and secondary schools in the municipality, religious and traditional authorities, political parties, and radio, television and Angop news agency. There were 18 students of which 2 are female from Energy Assistant, 4 students from Food Producer and all 6 female students from Modern Cook courses graduated.

The Polytechnic School Kwanza Norte has graduated five teams of students since its inception in 2011. It continues to meet the need of providing a sound academic and practical education for young people, who are then in a position to choose whether to further their studies or enter the jobs market. Support from parents and guardians plays an important role in this, with parents meeting regularly at the school. The communities around the school benefit in many practical ways, through health and hygiene campaigns, through actions carried out by the students, and through cultural and sporting events held at the school or in the community.


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