• ADPP Angola is celebrating 30 years of active involvement in development work with communities throughout the country

  • ADPP Angola operates 60 projects in 17 provinces in education, community health, agriculture and integrated community development

  • ADPP runs 15 teacher training schools with the Ministry of Education and has graduated 12,694 primary school teachers since 1998

  • ADPP has 1000 employees, 4000 volunteers and 1000 students in teaching practice in 92 municipalities, reaching 700,000 people annually

Community Control of Malaria

While malaria is being tackled on a broad front in the south of Angola, initiatives at community level continue in the north of the country. Zaire, in the northwest, has benefited from Community Control of Malaria projects almost continuously since 2008, when ADPP (among others) began managing USAID/PMI supported programs. More recently, the programme was launched in selected communities in Uige (2016) and Malanje (2018).  HIV and TB have been included since 2013, when the ExxonMobil Foundation began supporting the community control model.

Malaria Patrols

Malaria Patrols

Community control of malaria, HIV and TB is founded on the principle of recruiting and training local people to inform about disease prevention, recognition and treatment, and help create a conducive environment where every person gains a better understanding about the epidemics in question and makes appropriate decisions with pertinent actions. A close collaboration with traditional and religious leaders, health services and local administrations is essential for sustainability and for creating a sensation of ownership rather than imposition.

There are currently 60 Community Health Agents and five School Health Agents working with 6,000 families and 110 schools in the three provinces.

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