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Angolan themes

On September 22, the teacher training school EPF Huambo held an event entitled "Angolan Theme", to celebrate the trip of the Bus Groups, which returned to school after a very successful study trip. 180 guests participated, mainly students' families, as well as a Soba, representatives of schools and universities, students from the neighbouring Frontline Institute, EPP Huambo and the Children's Town.

The Huambo Police Department took activie part. Representatives from the Police's Schools Security Brigade from took the floor and talked about the importance of all children receiving an education. A delegation from the Police's Traffic Brigade were invited especially because bus group number 1 has chosen as its theme "Road Traffic Safety." The Brigades members explained about various aspects of how to ensure better road safety.

It was a day with great joy, presentations, speeches, witnesses, songs, theater, group discussions on a well prepared theme and good explanations about the importance of the period "Learning to Travel, Travelling to Learn" as a pedagogical method.

Next week, each bus group will continue the period "Reaching Hearts" with more presentations in the municipalities of Huambo, Caala and Ekunha.

More than 350 people participated in the event

More than 350 people participated in the event

The head of the Transit Brigade giving a talk

The head of the Transit Brigade giving a talk

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