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Focus on Angola

Students from the ADPP Polytechnic School in Benguela 8th Grade visit Ukuma, Huambo 

Focus on Angola is one of the highlights of 8th Grade, where the students learn more about Angola through their own investigations.

On 9 October, at 6 o´clock in the morning, 43 students and six teachers travelled by train to Ukuma. The journey went very well, apart from the fact that half the group did not have time to disembark before the train pulled out of Ukuma station, and they continued along the line until Chenga Village. The station master was obviously not used to so many people getting off at his stop.

A quick call to the local authorities and the problem was resolved. The group was accommodated in the old arts and crafts school, which is now Fadário Muteka Vocational School, belonging to the Department of Industry and under the management of Dr. Miguel Tchipangulula.

Daily activities began with a wake up call at 6am, which was followed by an hour of exercise and sport to keep everyone fit and healthy, and to help the students and teachers get to know each other better. Investigations began at 9am, and took the students to a variety of institutions and localities, such as the River Tonga. The river was clearly important to the people of Ukuma, who cultivated a wide range of crops along its banks, and it was evident to the students that this provided them with a livelihood.

The students then visited the Police Station of Ukuma, where they received a warm welcome from the Chief of Traffic Police, and all their questions were answered. On the subject of crime, for example, the students heard that the crime rate was low, and that the police frequently thwarted criminal actions thanks to investigative operations.

The Municipal Commander, Benedito Paquissi, praised the way in which ADPP was working in partnership with the Angola Government to help young people develop into all round, resourceful citizens, who were not only educated and socially affable, but presented many other good qualities thanks to a sound education. He went on to say that only exceptional circumstances such as national elections or a presidential visit could affect such research trips having a place in his agenda.

Students at Ucuma Station in Huambo

Students at Ucuma Station in Huambo

Students visited the local police, traditional leaders, schools and more as they learned about the area

Students visited the local police, traditional leaders, schools and more as they learned about the area

Visit to Fadário Muteca Vocational Center
The Vocational Center was created to provide training for employees and technicicans from other industries. The institution offers technical courses in Electricity, Building, Plumbing, Electronics, Carpentry, Higher Mechanics, and Tailoring/Dressmaking. It also offers courses in Information Technology, Management and Accounting. Considering the nature of the municipality, a possible project in the pipeline is an agricultural-livestock course, the only problem being the current lack of water.

Hiking: A group of students and teachers decided to go for a hike to investigate Mt Nené, the source of the River Tonga. About an hour and a half after setting out, one of the students was not feeling well, and it was thought wiser to return to camp rather than continue.

In conclusion, both our investigations as well as our interaction with the community of Ukuma was a great success, as can be seen in the accompanying photographs. We returned to EPP Benguela knowing much more about this region. From what we learned during our stay, we are sure that the area will reach its potential in the future.

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