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Solar Energy for EPF and EPP Caxito

Solar Energy for EPF and EPP Caxito


In 2014, the school center in Caxito is fully powered by solar energy, thanks to a project financed by Humana NL.

 Between March and November 2013 a Solar Energy power module was installed at EPP Caxito to provide energy for both EPF Caxito and EPP Caxito. The solar energy system is installed as part of the partnership with Humana NL and in collaboration with ProfiNRGv

The system is working very well and produces daily around 200 kW, covering 100% of energy needs. The students and the teachers at the schools are all very happy about the solar energy- there is no noise and it is not necessary to buy diesel and oil for the generator. The solar energy system provides energy for the schools day and night and conditions have thus been improved significantly. More activities can be conducted in the evening – separate study and discussion groups, games etc.


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The 24 3200Ah batteries can accumulate electricity produced during the day to be consumed at night. Should production of energy be insufficient the schools gets energy from the grid. This is an automatic process, and the school does not notice any difference. More likely however, is that there will be an oversupply which can be sold to the grid.  The students at EPP Caxito took part in both the installation and maintenance of the system. Shifts of students have been created to help with the maintenance, including change water in the batteries and conducting the monthly cleaning of the system. Each day, students and teachers read the figures from the system and following how much it is producing.


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The solar system was officially inaugurated at the beginning of November 2013. For the inauguration, Mr. Hans de Vries from Humana NL was present, and the Provincial Director of Education, Mr. Antonio Quino, together with the National Director of Renewable Energy, Ms. Sandra Christovão, as well as the Provincial Director of Culture in Bengo, Moises Kafala. Students and teachers performed theatre and sang songs. The solar energy system at EPF and EPP Caxito works as an example of renewable energy that does not pollute, but serves many people and many purposes


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