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The “Know-How” Centre for the training of entrepreneurs inaugurated in Caxikane

The “Know-How” Centre for the training of entrepreneurs inaugurated in Caxikane


On the 7th of March, in connection with International Women’s Day, the new “Know How” Centre in Caxikane was inaugurated by the Minister of Families and the Promotion of Women (MINFAMU), accompanied by provincial and local authorities as well as the local community. The “Know-How” Centre was created by MINFAMU in collaboration with ADPP with the aim of supporting budding entrepreneurs and creating new ones to strengthen the local economy in rural areas. Ultimately, this will lead to the increased wellbeing of families throughout the country. The Centre provides training and capacity building in the areas of basic business skills, arts and crafts, economics and entrepreneurship, food production, social organization and family competencies. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship, self-employment and income generation and to build the capacity of local community leaders withthe aim of improving the economy and quality of life in rural areas. The Centre opened with two courses: a three month Information Technology course and a six month course for female entrepreneurs: Sewing and Design. There are 23 participants on the IT course, of which 6 are female, and 23 on the female entrepreneur course. The participants are highly motivated to learn so that they in the long term can increase their family income and well being significantly. The Centre is located in the new village of Caxikane in the municipality of Icolo e Bengo. In addition to the courses, the Center will also function as a resource for the local community, and a meeting place for coordinators, “rural dynamos” and other village representatives.


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