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Success stories from the Farmers' Clubs in Calandula

Bundo and Kiluanje are two Farmers’ Clubs operating within Calandula Agricultural Center. Both clubs are doing really well, producing vegetables for household consumption as well as for sale. While the farmers always used to sell some of their produce at the local market, it was never more than cassava and groundnuts. Nowadays, they are commercializing cabbage, tomato, onion, lettuce and eggplant too.

The farmers have come a long way since the beginning of the project, and they now make and follow strict activity plans, such as the recent preparation of fields in advance of the rainy season. What lies behind this development, and where the biggest and most significant change has been noted, is in the level of commitment on the part of the farmers. They make the most of the terrain available at the center, which in the early days seemed far too large but only because it was under-used. Indeed, all club members look forward to the horticultural season, when they apply themselves to the preparation of the ground and the planting of crops, and generally to doing the best they can every day. During these sessions, there is always a respectable turnout of members, many of whom are women. Indeed the women often run the clubs, and it could be that these same women appreciate the importance of growing vegetables, both to use in the daily diet as well as to earn money for household needs.

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