• ADPP Angola is celebrating 30 years of active involvement in development work with communities throughout the country

  • ADPP Angola operates 60 projects in 17 provinces in education, community health, agriculture and integrated community development

  • ADPP runs 15 teacher training schools with the Ministry of Education and has graduated 12,694 primary school teachers since 1998

  • ADPP has 1000 employees, 4000 volunteers and 1000 students in teaching practice in 92 municipalities, reaching 700,000 people annually

Teacher Training School ADPP Caxito

ADPP Teacher Training School Caxito started in 1996 and has, over the years, enrolled students from many provinces: Zaire, Bengo, Luanda, Malanje, Kwanza Norte, Kwanza Sul, Moxico, Kuando Kubango, Uíge, Lunda Norte. The graduate teachers return to teach in these same provinces. In January 2020, 53 new primary teachers graduated, bringing the accumulated total to 1,361 students.

ADPP Teacher Training School Caxito, situated in Bengo, has a long tradition of preparing young people to be teachers, with a focus on primary education in rural communities. Each year, three teams of students are enrolled at the school to follow 1st, 2nd and 3rd Year programmes of studies, courses and experiences. The programmes are designed to develop the academic, pedagogic and practical capabilities of the students over the three-year course, the final year being spent in longterm teaching practice and leading to graduation where the students receive their teaching diploma and a certificate of completion of their studies.

In March, the Angolan Government declared a state of emergency in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and all schools closed. TTS Caxito organised ways of continuing the training of all three teams despite the restrictions and difficulties arising from this exceptional situation. The teachers sent tasks to the students, including actions of relevance to help mobilise families and communities against Covid-19. Further information about the measures adopted are described below.

Covid-19 Response

Teacher Training School ADPP Caxito established systems for the elaboration of study tasks and courses during the period of confinement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The teachers prepared study tasks, which they sent to the students or posted on social media, such as Facebook group pages. The tasks were based on the DMM system already in use at the school and to which 2nd and 3rd Year students were accustomed. 1st Year students had been introduced to the DMM system at the start of the school year.

On completion of assignments, the students sent messages to their teachers so the results could be evaluated and entered in the points system, which ensures no student falls behind in their education. Parents and guardians played a key role through their collaboration with the school in making sure their sons and daughters continued with their studies and attended, virtually, the courses prepared by the teachers.

Students preparing lessons

Students preparing lessons

The student teachers giving lessons in local primary schools

The student teachers giving lessons in local primary schools


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