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Teacher Training School ADPP Huambo


Nature Day

Teacher Training School ADPP – Huambo held a Nature Day on 13 October 2018. 160 students and 15 teachers from Teams 2017 and 2018 invited pupils from seven primary schools and those living close to our school. Last year about 250 pupils participated so this year we were planning for 500. In the end, 1000 pupils attended. The aim of the day was for the pupils to learn all about the surrounding nature and how to care for it for the future. The event was organized in the form of a quiz with 15 stations manned by students in their core groups. Other students accompanied the pupils, who formed a total of 27 groups. As they walked around the many different sites at Quissala, chasing points for the quiz, some groups were running or taking short cuts to bypass other groups.

The first 12 stations were about nature:

1.Global warming and climate change
2.The pigsty
3. Local birds, and how to prevent rabies
4. Production of vegetables with organic compost
5. Caring for wetlands and rivers
6. Eucalyptus forest
7. Local species of trees
8. Production of trees
9.Lime trees
10. Mango 
11. Production of organic manure
12. Bush fires

The last 3 stations were just for fun:

1. Tug of war – pulling a rope between two groups
2. Music and chair competition
3. Making football goals

After three hours of pondering questions on the above themes and enjoying a very pleasant day around Quissala, three groups were declared winners and awarded notebooks and pens as prizes for achieving the best results. Everyone got lunch, although those who were last in the queue may not have received very much because we did not expect to be feeding 1,000 people. The pupils learnt a lot as they had to argue their case at each station to win points. ADPP Huambo teachers and students gained a thorough and lasting knowledge of the theme at their station, presenting it again and again to each group. Staff and students alike learned how to organize 1200 people at an event.

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