• A ADPP Angola celebrou 30 anos criando desenvolvimento em todo o país, em parceria com o governo, comumidades e parceiros

  • A ADPP opera 60 projectos em 51 municípios de 17 províncias nas areas de educação, saúde comunitária, agricultura e desenvolvimento comunitário integrado

  • Junto com o Ministério da Educação, a ADPP opera 15 escolas de formação de professores e graduou 12,694 profesores primarias desde 1998

  • ADPP tem: 1000 trabalhadores, 4000 voluntários, 1000 professores estagiários em 92 municípios, alcançando 700.000 pessoas

Malaria Track Record

ADPP has distributed 548.194 LLINs to 1.036.823 people in 3 provinces:

  • Bengo (2014/15): 214.180 LLITN to 428.360 people
  • Namibe (2014/15): 148.414 LLITN to 296.828 people
  • Kwanza Norte (2012/13): 185,600 LLITN to 311,635 people

“Community Control of Malaria” Zaire (2008 to 2011)

231 Malaria Control teachers from 200 schools in Zaire were trained. Under their supervision, 10,500 schoolchildren from 200 schools reached 100,000 people with information on malaria prevention and distributed 30,000 LLITNs. Malaria treatment in pregnancy was one of the key messages delivered by the project. A malaria manual for teachers was developed together with the Ministries of Health and Education as part of the project.

"Total Control of Malaria" in the provinces of Zaire and Benguela (2010 - 2016)

With a combined reach of 190,000 people, teachers at 300 schools were trained as Malaria Control Teachers who organized students, activate individuals and empower entire villages reduce transmission of malaria. 

"Social Mobilization of Families" projects, reached more than 84.000 people in 2014. Health Committees (among others) were organised at village level throughout the target area. Project staff together with Health Committees mobilized community members to avoid malaria, to know the symptoms and to seek treatment.

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