• A ADPP Angola celebrou 30 anos criando desenvolvimento em todo o país, em parceria com o governo, comumidades e parceiros

  • A ADPP opera 60 projectos em 51 municípios de 17 províncias nas areas de educação, saúde comunitária, agricultura e desenvolvimento comunitário integrado

  • Junto com o Ministério da Educação, a ADPP opera 15 escolas de formação de professores e graduou 12,694 profesores primarias desde 1998

  • ADPP tem: 1000 trabalhadores, 4000 voluntários, 1000 professores estagiários em 92 municípios, alcançando 700.000 pessoas

People to People Blog

In our People to People blog, we publish stories, opinions, photos and more from ADPP project staff and participants.  Views are the content providers own.

Reflexões sobre o pan-africanismo na formação de professores

A importância de Machimbombando e o desenvolvimento do Pan-Africanismo por Agripino Chipassa. O primeiro ano de formação nas Escolas de Magistério da ADPP é chamado o Ano Internacional do Professor, e inclui uma viagem de estudo de 3 a 4 meses por Angola e África Austral, como um dos elementos principais do programa. O período é chamado Bussing our Continent em inglês e em português, Machimbombando o nosso Continente. Aqui Agripino Chipassa,… Read More
Harvesting and selling organic vegetables in Kwanza Sul

Taurai on healthy food and communities

Opinion Piece | ADPP Angola Staff Is the food we eat everyday doing justice to our bodies, our families, communities and the country at large? I am Taurai Zvepasi, a Zimbabwean, aged 47, and I've been living and working in Angola for the past 6 years now. I grew up in a peasant family, and I love farming. I’ve been working with small scale farmers in Angola during all these years of my stay here. I want to share my experiences and how I feel… Read More
The Vice Governor for Social Affairs talking with EPP Caxito students

EPP Caxito students talking about their professions

On the 16th of June, the Day of the African Child, we participated in the provincial government’s celebrations. We organized a stand where students talked about what they’re learning in the professions at EPP Caxito, which was visited by the Vice Governor for Social Affairs. One Energy Assistant student explained about electric circuits and energy saving lightbulbs, while another told about solar panels. The Vice Governor commented that we could… Read More

Success stories from the Farmers' Clubs in Calandula

Bundo and Kiluanje are two Farmers’ Clubs operating within Calandula Agricultural Center. Both clubs are doing really well, producing vegetables for household consumption as well as for sale. While the farmers always used to sell some of their produce at the local market, it was never more than cassava and groundnuts. Nowadays, they are commercializing cabbage, tomato, onion, lettuce and eggplant too. The farmers have come a long way since the… Read More



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